About Us

EUNEIZ is a new private university, integrated into the Basque University System, which has been recognised by Law 8/2021, of 11 November (Official State Bulletin (BOE in its Spanish acronym)Basque Country Official Bulletin (BOPV in its Spanish acronym)) and which, from the next 2022/2023 academic year, will progressively begin to teach a wide range of university courses at all levels.


Its key role is to provide the higher education service through teaching, study, lifelong learning, research and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Similarly, the university is created with a firm commitment to contribute to the economic, scientific and cultural development of Basque society, as well as to its cohesion and the well-being of its citizens, key to being a fairer and more supportive society, in accordance with the principle of service to society as stated in the Basque University System Law.


The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, has been the chosen location for this university. The Basque capital is of a great strategic value on a business, commercial and cultural level, and has managed to significantly diversify its economy by attracting various multi-national industries, promoting cultural tourism and consolidating its sustainability project and progress. In addition, Vitoria-Gasteiz is also a reference point in the field of sports, both in professional sports as well as in the promotion of physical activity in the field of health. Thus, the University’s curriculums aim to provide a new offer that will specifically boost growth in the field of new technologies as well as their integration into different areas of knowledge, especially those related to health and sport. At this point, the involvement of the two main clubs of Vitoria–Gasteiz (Saski Baskonia SAD and Deportivo Alavés) in the project, undoubtedly represents a major added value.


EUNEIZ University’s commitment is to promote economic and social growth through graduates who are prepared for the new global economy through cutting-edge training supported by new technologies as a differential training element in its entire academic offer and in professional practice as a learning tool. The internationalisation of students, teachers and the educational offer, the permanent link with the business sector to adapt to the demands of the employment market and a firm, excellence-based research strategy are other principles that inspire EUNEIZ’s university vocation.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus

Discover our university campus

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The EUNEIZ University campus is set in the Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is located in the well-known “Edificio Vital” building in the Salburua neighbourhood and very close to the Interpretation Centre of the Salburua Wetlands and the BAKH, the Alaves Baskonia Sport City (Baskonia Alavés Kirol Hiria).


Its modern and spacious facilities cover more than 4,200 square metres equipped to carry out the teaching activity. It also has a large car park for university use.

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